Professor Lorrimor

The Late Professor


The recently deceased Professor Petros Lorrimor was a professor at the University of Lepidstadt and, as a scholar, Petros had used his knowledge and research to learn about the forces of evil to better combat them. Petros Lorrimor was the most controversial figure in Ravengro. A regionally-renowned investigator and arcanist, Professor Lorrimor was frequently sought out to right wrongs, investigate mysterious occurrences, and destroy evil in all its guises.


He moved from a position on the faculty at Lepidstadt University to the small town of Ravengro eight years ago with his daughter Kendra, but found it difficult to gain acceptance amongst the insular and superstitious Ravengrians. He was recently found with his head crushed by a piece of fallen statuary at the nearby abandoned Harrowstone Prison.

Professor Lorrimor

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